Teaming with AI Unconference
Keynotes and insights
Friday, May 17
17:45 - 22:00 CEST

remote only (Zoom)
Workshops and Jams
Saturday, May 18
9:30 - 17:00 CEST

Erlangen (Spirit Link)
in person
Teaming with AI Drinks
Saturday, May 18
18:30 – Open end CEST

Entlas Keller, Bergkirchweih Erlangen
in person
About Teaming with A.I. 2024
Why this conference

Artificial Intelligence keeps changing the way we work, collaborate, and innovate. From enhancing team communication, to optimizing decision-making processes, A.I. is becoming an indispensable part of teams and organizations across many industries.The Teaming with A.I. Unconference 2024 offers rich conversations and practical experiments to achieve a deeper understanding about all the different facets of Teaming with AI: How might AI change how teams work? How will we collaborate in teams? How will our experience of our teams change? What will we be able to do and achieve as a team? What further questions do we have to tackle that we are not aware of today?

What’s possible? What will be the future of teams?

Embarking on this journey of Teaming with AI isn’t about the usual integration of a new IT system; it requires a broader, more holistic focus. It’s about shifting our mindset from just improving the things we have always done to embracing real change and transformation. We need to reassess our priorities. We need to figure out what is actually possible. We need to understand how we as humans, as a team, fit into the new picture.

Join our community: Participate and contribute!

Since no one can yet tell us the final outcome, the best way forward is exploring this with others who are also on the same path, proceeding together, taking smaller, more deliberate steps, coupled with frequent reflection and adaptation. We believe this journey is necessary to adapt and to find a human-centered way of working with AI.This is why we invite you to be a part of this journey. Join our Teaming with A.I. 2024 Unconference. Share your experience, and let’s shape the future of Teaming with A.I. together!

This conference is not a conference.

Teaming with A.I. 2024 is run as an Unconference (also known as Barcamp) format. An unconference offers a flexible format where the participants decide what to talk about and what to do during the workshop sessions. This is a great fit for topics like Teaming with AI, where the field is still very much in flux. It allows people to talk about the latest developments and share new ideas instead of having to deal with an outdated agenda plotted months ago. Everyone can learn from each other and tackle new challenges together in real-time. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCampThe documentation of the Teaming with A.I. 2024 Unconference will lay the foundation for the next iteration of the Teaming with A.I. whitepaper.

Agenda FRIDAY (REMOTE): Teaming with A.I. 2024 – Keynotes and insights

Friday, May 17
18:00 - 22:00 CET – remote only (Zoom)

Part 1: Remote welcome and current state of Teaming with A.I.: Informal meet and greet. Network and connect with fellow attendees, followed by a more official conference introduction. Opening keynotes will revisit the 10 Perspectives of Teaming with A.I. from our current whitepaper and already highlight first evidence about what might change in the months ahead.

Part 2: two rounds of interactive sessions: Mini workshops, case studies, or skill sharing sessions. Engage with other participants around the current state of teams, A.I., and their organizations. Gain insights, try some stuff and engage across two rounds of breakout sessions.

Part 3: Re-shaping our teams for 2025: After the breakout sessions, we'll come together in a co-creative round-up session to share and synthesize our learnings, fostering collaborative growth and a deeper understanding of the topics explored.

Agenda SATURDAY (IN-PERSON): Teaming with A.I. – Workshops and Jams

Saturday, May 18
09:30 – 17:00 CEST – in-person only! – Erlange, Germany (Spirit Link)

Part 1: Organize yourselves
. Take charge in planning your experience at our Unconference, Hackathon, and Design Jam fusion event. Share hands-on knowledge and push A.I. team collaboration boundaries. Showcase methods from day 1, explore innovations, or develop practical tools for team testing.

Part 2: Rounds of workshops and jams. Experience a few rounds of hands-on workshops and jams. Engage with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and tackle real-world challenges as you explore innovative ways to harness the power of A.I. in teamwork.

Part 3: Final get together and surprise. As we conclude our Teaming with A.I. event, we'll embark on a journey to update the landscape for teams and organizations in the age of A.I.

Engage in an A.I. Prompt Battle, a unique art format. Following our wrap-up and outlook session, we'll have a soft closing and teaming with drinks. Connect, reflect, and raise a toast to the future of collaboration in the A.I. era!

After conference community event – Teaming with A.I. Drinks
18:00 – Open end CEST – Entlas Keller, Bergkirchweih Erlangen

Join us for an informal gathering to unwind and network. Reflect on the day's experiences over drinks in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Experience the charm of the historic Bergkirchweih festival, a beloved local tradition that has brought the community together in celebration since 1755.
Florian Bailey
is Partner and Head of Future and Strategy at LATENT an innovation consultancy. He has worked on AI and algorithm focused digital projects for the last 20 years. His current focus is on the interaction between humans and intelligent systems. He is Co-Founder of the Nuremberg Digital Festival, he also manages etz, Germany's most sustainable two-starred Michelin restaurant.
Markus Edgar Hormess
is Partner at WorkPlayExperience,  a team and service design innovation firm. He is co-author of the of “Thisis Service Design Doing” and  co-founder of the Global Service Jam. His work is centered around strategic prototyping, which he uses tohelp organisations navigate complex business environments and make cultures moreagile and human-centered.
Teaming with AI is an initiative of WorkPlayExperience a global service design consultancy and LATENT a design and innovation consultancy.