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AI changes team dynamics, from the integration of cutting-edge tools that challenge traditional software norms to the evolution of team roles and processes. This whitepaper sets the stage for an ongoing exploration of how AI is not just an addition to the toolkit but a transformative force, reshaping the essence of teamwork. It is for people who are looking for orientation — maybe a rough map that will help them find their own way. It comes with a community: a community of people who are interested in finding better ways to use AI and to deal with the effects of AI on the way we work together in teams.
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Florian Bailey
is Partner and Head of Future and Strategy at LATENT an innovation consultancy. He has worked on AI and algorithm focused digital projects for the last 20 years. His current focus is on the interaction between humans and intelligent systems. He is Co-Founder of the Nuremberg Digital Festival, he also manages etz, Germany's most sustainable two-starred Michelin restaurant.
Markus Edgar Hormess
is Partner at WorkPlayExperience,  a team and service design innovation firm. He is co-author of the of “Thisis Service Design Doing” and  co-founder of the Global Service Jam. His work is centered around strategic prototyping, which he uses tohelp organisations navigate complex business environments and make cultures moreagile and human-centered.
Teaming with AI is an initiative of WorkPlayExperience a global service design consultancy and LATENT a design and innovation consultancy.
Markus Hormess