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A Shared Journey into the Future of Teams and Organisations

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work, collaborate, and innovate. From enhancing team communication, to optimizing decision-making processes, A.I. is becoming an indispensable part of teams and organizations across many industries.

But how does A.I. fit into different work settings, both online and offline? How can we maximize its potential while being mindful of the challenges and ethical considerations? What specific tools and techniques are most effective for integrating A.I. into our teams? And most importantly, how can we strike the right balance between leveraging A.I. capabilities and preserving human-centered collaboration?

Teaming with A.I. is an open community dedicated to exploring these critical questions, brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and enthusiasts from diverse fields. Join us as we navigate the complexities of A.I. integration, share best practices, and chart the course for the future of teamwork in this rapidly changing age of artificial intelligence. Together, let's discover the possibilities, the pitfalls, and help shape what comes next.

Teaming with AI – Unconference 2024 – coming soon

Keynotes and insights

Date and time will be announced soon.

– remote only (Zoom)


Remote welcome

Informal meet and greet, perfect for networking and connecting with fellow attendees. Following the official event introduction and opening keynote, get ready for discussions and interactive sessions, all centered around the world of A.I. and teamwork.


Interactive Sessions

Delve into the current state of teams, A.I., and their organizations. Gain insights and engage in discussions across two dynamic breakout sessions.

Co-Create the future(s)

Shape your teams

After the breakout sessions, we'll come together in a co-creative round-up session to share and synthesize our learnings, fostering collaborative growth and a deeper understanding of the topics explored.

Do it! Workshops and Jams

Date and time will be announced soon.

– in-person only (Nuremberg)


Organize yourselves

Take charge in planning your experience at our Unconference, Hackathon, and Design Jam fusion event. Share hands-on knowledge and push A.I. team collaboration boundaries. Showcase methods from day 1, explore innovations, or develop practical tools for team testing.


Three rounds of jams

Experience three rounds of workshops and jams throughout our Teaming with A.I. event. Engage with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and tackle real-world challenges as you explore innovative ways to harness the power of A.I. in teamwork.

Closing session

Final get together and surprise

As we conclude our Teaming with A.I. event, we'll embark on a journey to map the new landscape for teams and organizations in the age of A.I. Engage in an A.I. Prompt Battle, a unique art format. Following our wrap-up and outlook session, we'll have a soft closing and teaming with drinks. Connect, reflect, and raise a toast to the future of collaboration in the A.I. era!


Cocreated Whitepaper

Synergy Unleashed: Ten Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Teamwork

By participating, you help create and update the whitepaper "Synergy Unleashed: Ten Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and Teamwork," examining AI's impact on teams and organizations. Contribute insights and best practices for this comprehensive resource. Choose to be named as an author, acknowledging your input. This whitepaper will be a starting point for future events and a reference for professionals interested in AI teamwork. Contribute to building a lasting community resource and laying the groundwork for ongoing exploration.



This is a non-commercial community learning event. Please decide the appropriate ticket category for yourself when booking.

Friday - free

Free - Friday event, entirely free of charge! Decide for yourself if the format is a fit for you.


30 € Student Ticket 
60 € Everyone
120 € Corporate ticket


We would be happy to have partners join us. florian@ucstrategy.de

Drinks and Lunch included.


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